Fertilizing tips and instruction for your Spring yard by Provingo. Learn what you need to do when it comes to fertilizing your yard in Spring


In colder climates grass starts growing in April, but early spring is a good time to test the soil’s pH so that you can assemble the right amendments. Remove turf damaged by salt, plows, or disease to prepare for the seeding that should follow in a few weeks. Work in a ½-inch layer of compost to keep the new seed moist, increasing the germination rate. Begin seeding once forsythia starts blooming in your area. In warmer climates, March is a good time to add the first dose of fertilizer and crabgrass treatment. Remove dead turf with a square metal rake, then flip it over to spread compost.

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Spring Yard Cleaning. Spring Yard Cleaning. Spring Yard Cleaning. Spring Yard Cleaning

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