Pressure Washing


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– An average 2 car driveway is approximately 650sqft.
– An average 2 car garage is approximately 350sqft.
– An average 3 car garage is approximately 500sqft.
– A 2 car garage and a 2 car driveway is approximately – 1000sqft
– A 2 car garage and a 2 car driveway is approximately – 1200sqft

This booking price Includes planning, job equipment and material acquisition, area preparation, setup, supplies, materials, equipment use, and cleanup.

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Pressure Washing Service

Pull weeds
Trim plants
Trim Trees (under 10 ft)
Mow and edge lawn
Blow down rock beds with a high-powered blower
Remove debris from the landscape area (see below for more details)
Check irrigation system (if accessible during service)
Change irrigation clock (if accessible during service)
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